Sensational Apple leak confirms depressing new iPhone

The Apple iPhone 11 is coming and it's coming fast with various leaks surfacing giving us practically nothing to look forward to. The handsets will come with an incremental upgrade over the previous generation iPhone XS lineup with the major change being in the camera department. It appears that Apple too doesn't see its iPhone 11 doing well and they have requested a low number of units from their suppliers. In the midst of all the iPhone 11 leaks and rumours, news surrounding the 2020 iPhone has been seeping in which has thrown a wet blanket over the upcoming launch. However, if the next year's iPhone isn't a good enough reason for you to ditch the iPhone 11, then news about the 2021 iPhones have surfaced and they will come with some technological advancements that will leave Apple's Android rivals struggling to catch up.
The latest bit of information comes via a research note from reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that the 2021 iPhone will not just continue to utilize Face ID, but will also bring back the fan-favourite Touch ID.
The devious Apple plan is that this fingerprint scanner is expected to be built around Qualcomm's ultrasonic technology and unlike Android rival's it won't be confined to just a single portion of the display; instead, it will be active across the entire screen.
Forbes has countered these claims with a legitimate argument by stating, 'It's certainly a massive bit of Buck Rogers, and I can see the standard arguments from the geekerati being rolled out that Apple is not wanting to be first, it's wanting to be the best. For me, that argument holds less and less water when the idea of a touchscreen-based fingerprint reader that just works is here and now. The end of 2018 saw a number of handsets debut the technology, and Apple is going to take three years to bring it to its handsets? There's pride, and there's a fall.'
Previously reports claimed that this form of Touch ID would appear on the 2020 iPhones but it appears that Apple is delaying it for a further twelve months.

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